How lazy do ya hafta be?

How lazy do ya hafta be if scrolling down a web page is too much work? As a web designer/developer this has become one of my biggest pet peeves.

In a recent conversation with a client, he’d gotten internal inquiries about the amount of articles listed on his company’s home page along with requests to remove pictures so that there would be less need to scroll down the page.

Prior to that a client had asked if there was anything we could do to limit the amount of vertical scrolling on their intranet, because “so many people just won’t scroll down the page” (their own posted content drives page length).

I’m not sure I believe these “anti-scrolling” people exist. What happens if they open a PDF, or a Word file — do they not scroll down to get beyond what’s displayed on their screen?

So… I have to ask, how frikkin’ lazy do you have to be?!

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