wonders not oneders…

i wonder sometimes what would happen if i publicized this blog more than i do, say if i had my twitterfeed account post to FB…  I dunno. I just wonder.

i wonder about people who think they know everything about a subject, so they close themselves off from learning new information about that subject

i wonder why people are mean on purpose

i wonder about people who think the internet is completely horrible

i wonder about people who think the internet is completely wonderful

i wonder how some folks don’t know and never observe that proper escalator etiquette is to stand on the right and walk on the left (even when *signs* have been posted!)

i wonder why some people tell you you can, “come over any time” when they don’t mean it at all. People who truly want to see you will arrange specific dates/times

i wonder why no one ever tells you when you’re a kid that life is an unfair mess of a thing (probably we wouldn’t listen anyway, but still…)

i wonder what it is that allows humans to be collectively cruel to other humans they consider to be vastly different from themselves and therefore somehow less than human

i wonder how some are easily cowed in fear while others can see past it

i wonder how i got so lucky to know so many wonderful people in my life

i wonder what it is in entenmann’s pumpkin pies that make them so addictive, ginger? cloves? My homemade pie came out pretty damned close to that flavor this year.

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