I’m in my office, in my house, windows opened, sounds of gulls, crows, and sailboat masts gently clanking as I work. Evening sun lighting up the sky, my desk, autumn leaves just about at peak. This is what I’ve worked hard and saved for… this is it.

Reality Check on Racism and Age

I try not to be ageist, but some y’all millennials are just butt-fuck stupid as all hell. Didja see the racist boys marching in Charlotte? They were your generation or younger. Wake the fuck up. Didja see the racist asshat with his gun shooting up people during peaceful protests? He’s a kid younger than y’all. … [Read more…]

the thing

abusive people dehumanize the folks that they abuse, so they can allow themselves to feel justified in their behavior towards their vicitms. also true of bigots. same deal. so fucked up, they classify some people as “other”, as somehow “less than” themselves, so they can justify their hatred. there are some folks who see themselves … [Read more…]

Extremism in any form is bad

Yep, even leftist extremism. Free speech is free speech. Political satire, whether in art or social media is protected, as well it should be. But I’ve been reading a couple things from leftist friends that strike me as wanting to silence/edit/hide certain free speech. And it pisses me off. I refer to the orange haired … [Read more…]


I look down at my feet I see you,
at my hands I see her.
In a flash of movement I see the other,
a fleeting moment that can’t be recreated,
I wonder how she is.

Pink Ink

I’m still waiting for some ad agency to have the guts to use pink/red dye in all tampon/napkin ads. That will be equal. Probably just me though. Blue ink is simply the inability for some people to deal with reality.

Cold Turkey

For me, it’s the only successful way to quit something. I quit smoking cold turkey a couple times, until it stuck. The gradual thing may work for some folks, but not for me. And so it was with me and sugar. After my doc gave me my blood sugar levels back in August, I knew … [Read more…]

Food Pushers

Pet peeve (especially with holidays approaching): food pushers. Sometimes it’s people who’ve never struggled with weight, other times it’s those who seek to undermine your success. But most of the advice I’ve read puts the onus on the person working to lose weight. If I say “no, thank you” (twice!): What’s it to ya?! Honestly? … [Read more…]