Extremism in any form is bad

Yep, even leftist extremism. Free speech is free speech. Political satire, whether in art or social media is protected, as well it should be. But I’ve been reading a couple things from leftist friends that strike me as wanting to silence/edit/hide certain free speech. And it pisses me off. I refer to the orange haired … [Read more…]

misogynist bullshit

When I really dig for the truth and read. Actually. Read. I see there’s even more misogyny built into everything than I thought at first. I mean, of course I knew it was there, but it’s even deeper than the usual hatred/bigotry one finds in the average hateful/bigoted person. It’s in the people who, superficially … [Read more…]


My first and second visits to NOLA were vacations I took when single. The first trip was for a whole week, and I had a blast. My favorite spot was a bar called Maison Bourbon. I spent enough time there on consecutive nights that the bartender and I became friendly and the drummer would sit … [Read more…]


I think the whole ‘merry christmas’ movement (you know people who woke up one day and decided to be offended by the phrase ‘happy holidays’) is yet another diversion set up by the extreme right to keep us from focusing on what’s really going on (or what’s not going on). You know real issues, like … [Read more…]