Extremism in any form is bad

Yep, even leftist extremism. Free speech is free speech. Political satire, whether in art or social media is protected, as well it should be. But I’ve been reading a couple things from leftist friends that strike me as wanting to silence/edit/hide certain free speech. And it pisses me off. I refer to the orange haired statue recently placed in Union Square in NYC (and other areas) and a couple of reactions I’ve seen that I find hypocritical. Here’s a link in case you hadn’t seen or heard about it: http://gothamist.com/2016/08/18/naked_donald_trump_statue.php#photo-1

Even the slightest hint of misandry in political art and some guys get all bent outta shape. For years, centuries, decades women have put up with misogynist bullshit (and far, far worse), it’s even ongoing in the current US election. So many can’t even see or acknowledge their own misogyny, but a statue of a guy without his balls & some guys are all in a tizzy.

It was a political statement which was inspired by the drumpfs own sinking to new lows in political discourse. By it’s title “The Emperor Has no Balls” the intent is made clear. If people don’t get it, oh well. Why do we continue to dumb everything down? It’s the artist’s right to express themselves, and yes some art might even offend us at times. But hopefully that in and of itself makes us think, and/or invites discourse vs. the idea that it ‘shouldn’t be done because it offended someone’. To me the video of people’s interaction with the statue in Union Square restored my faith that most people understand this man completely unacceptable as a candidate for any office, let alone the presidency. And the NYC Parks Department statement was funny.

I’m offended by the fact that drumpf has gotten enough votes to become his party’s candidate. I’m offended that in 2016 he’s successfully race baiting (succesfully!!) to get elected — that’s what’s offensive to me — not some statue in a park.

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