Cold Turkey

For me, it’s the only successful way to quit something. I quit smoking cold turkey a couple times, until it stuck. The gradual thing may work for some folks, but not for me. And so it was with me and sugar. After my doc gave me my blood sugar levels back in August, I knew it was lifestyle change now, because ain’t no way I’m ever doin’ insulin shots.

It wasn’t (and isn’t) easy. I love, love, love carbs. I miss pasta so fucking much. I was eating every kind of pasta, you name it — Italian, Chinese, Pad Thai… and let’s not forget about potatoes, rice, crackers & cookies. I fuckin’ love crackers (damned keebler elves).

BUT since I quit I’ve lost 38.5lbs — yes every little fucking bit counts to me — and as someone who has struggled with my weight all my life it’s been the steadiest weight loss I’ve ever experienced. I haven’t had to exercise. Yet. (I know it’s coming.) But so far just no more sugar, or processed foods. I still have whole fruits & veg. But if anyone ever told me that I’d have coffee without sugar, I’d have said they were out of their fucking mind.

I’ve also got so much more energy, I don’t feel like I’m draggin’ my ass around anymore. I thought it was just part of “getting older”, but it wasn’t. It was the sugar. That’s the problem with sugar, it lifts you up, but then slams your ass down to the ground. Hard.

The payoffs have kept me motivated. Do I still sometimes have carb things, absolutely — but really rarely — still losing weight, still feeling great.

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