ok, a new theme…

I search for new themes sometimes, and I can never find what I really want. The reason is pretty straight-forward, I have to design my own. The thing is, this is what I do for a living — not design per-se (not anymore) but I’m a web developer (fancy new word for someone who programs web sites). It used to be that I loved working on my own sites, and my own blog. I used to have a customized layout for this blog.

I guess I’m kinda burnt out. By the time I get home, or on weekends, the last thing I want to see is more code. I don’t want to think about CSS and how the page looks. And sometimes I work from home when necessary, so there’s that.

Used to be obsessed about it, couldn’t wait to experiment and refine my own stuff the way *I wanted* (vs. crazy client requests). Now I know. It’s just a website. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. Good it pays the rent and food. But other than that, I think I need a new hobby… but *maybe* I will design a new logo… :-)

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