it’s the titles

sometimes i think the most difficult thing are the titles. I think it’s because then I have to write about what the title says — when I’d much rather just write…. or maybe free write… remember that? Or do they even do that anymore? Or are you too young? :-)

That was what they called it in creative writing class — it was basically writing into a notebook, for a set period of time, each day, whatever came into your head, without regard for subject, spelling or grammar, or anything really. In one of my Egnlish classes we had to read our entries out loud, which kind of made us all want to write something more focused I think. Anyway, it wouldn’t usually generate anything useful, but some saw it as a tool to get past writers block.

Some of my entries ended up having a specific subject, but mostly… not. I think I was always thinking about what to write, even then. I think I still have a notebook of the stuff around here somewhere. We used old-timey notebooks, not even looseleaf binders (erm.. 3-ring binders, canvas or blue denim). Not sure what in use these days, but I’m guessing there’s no paper involved. Alrighty, here’s what the really old “composition” notebooks look like, hmm… and looseleaf binders too.

Damn! Love you WP. So easy to add photos or whatever media to a post. Just a couple clicks and yer done.

To me, this stuff, is like… second nature? Or — experimentation? Just do “x” and see what happens and so I’m not very patient with the computer illiterate… because it seems so simple (to me anyway). Yeah, I’m geeky, but only to a point. There are folks out there writing really exceptional programs (like WP and attendant plugins) that just make creating stuff so easy and I appreciate that very much. It’s damned hard work. So I just don’t get what it is that’s so difficult about it for some – i mean, they don’t have to write the programs, just use ’em, it’s just clicking. Fear is a factor for some, but there are so many other real things to be afraid of.

Anyway, that was the thing about free writing — just got me to be writing every day. Gotta get back into doing that.

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