Noodles, @ 2004 – September 26, 2011

It seems that all I am posting lately are pet obits… (sigh) Noodles was very sick in the last weeks of her life and had to be PTS on September 26, 2011. We thought she would be with us for a good long while yet… and our hearts are broken… When Noodles found us, we … [Read more…]

Heart of my heart

I knew the day would come when Orion would be gone, but I was not prepared for the depth of the emptiness I feel without him. When we had to have Merlin put down, I was devastated as well, and it took a good long while to feel better. But Orion, and Boots were still … [Read more…]

Cats and Water

It’s just water, cats need to drink it to survive just as we do — but get it *on* them, and it’s freak-out time. Unless they are drinking out of the sink, somehow then the “wadder monsters” don’t have the same affect. We’ve got the kitty food bowls on the counter-top by the sink, and … [Read more…]

missing you

I miss my baby still. I go for a while, thinking I’m okay, and then find I’m crying again. I wish i could bury my face in your fur just one more time. though I did so at the end, it just doesn’t seem enough. I want to pet you, but you’re not there. I … [Read more…]

Our Boots

Last weekend (8/19/06) we rushed one of our cats, Boots (slightly over 10 years old) to the emergency vet (first time we’ve used these folks). He was there from Saturday night through Monday afternoon. They are so cool, so caring (so costly) but worth every cent. About a month ago we had brought Boots to … [Read more…]