Heart of my heart

orionI knew the day would come when Orion would be gone, but I was not prepared for the depth of the emptiness I feel without him. When we had to have Merlin put down, I was devastated as well, and it took a good long while to feel better. But Orion, and Boots were still with us, and that helped to a degree.

But Orion? Orion was always with me… especially during the later years of his life, always where everĀ  I was, he was. When I worked from home he was in my lap or as near by as possible. When I watched TV, or was reading, he was in my lap, when I went to sleep he was next to my head as close as he could get. Purring. Almost constantly purring. (Bill used to joke that Orion was my symbiote.)

But that’s how it feels now, like a part of me is gone, physically, emotionally. I feel such deep sadness, my friend is gone. I loved him so, and I want to write stories of how wonderful he was, but I guess I have to wait and let the sadness get down to a lower roar, because right now it is drowning everything else out…

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