Food Pushers

Pet peeve (especially with holidays approaching): food pushers. Sometimes it’s people who’ve never struggled with weight, other times it’s those who seek to undermine your success. But most of the advice I’ve read puts the onus on the person working to lose weight. If I say “no, thank you” (twice!): What’s it to ya?! Honestly? … [Read more…]

A thing

Each of us has our own dragons to slay. But it is boring as all hell to discuss or describe our dragons to others. Aye.

to do or not to do…

I go back and forth about publicizing this blog. Some part of me wants readership, and another part of me absolutely does not want. I know a few people find their way here on occasion, those are just the odds of the interwebz, but I don’t even bother looking at the stats for the site … [Read more…]

ok, a new theme…

I search for new themes sometimes, and I can never find what I really want. The reason is pretty straight-forward, I have to design my own. The thing is, this is what I do for a living — not design per-se (not anymore) but I’m a web developer (fancy new word for someone who programs … [Read more…]


irony is not how you feel when you want to iron (who the fuck *wants* to iron?) In a past life i ironed handkerchiefs… i shit you not… so wrinkles are fine with me. of course fat people don’t wrinkle. :-) the rest of you bitches can keep yer botox. :-D

The anti-social networker

You and I will never be anything more than acquaintances, and that’s cool. I got no problem with that. What bugs me is your voyeuristic behavior on FB. I know that FB, by it’s nature, encourages everyone’s voyeuristic tendencies, including my own. But most of the rest of us actually post things. Even the most … [Read more…]

wonders not oneders…

i wonder sometimes what would happen if i publicized this blog more than i do, say if i had my twitterfeed account post to FB…  I dunno. I just wonder. i wonder about people who think they know everything about a subject, so they close themselves off from learning new information about that subject i … [Read more…]

Mesa Verde

When i was a little kid I really wanted to be an Indian. So it’s not really a surprise that one of my most lasting memories of our trip across the US is Mesa Verde National Park. The home of the Anasazi. There are brick homes built into cliffs by the Anasazi that date back … [Read more…]